Services And Fees

Any couple considering my services is free to call me and discuss their wedding plans at length at no charge. I can be reached 7 days a week daytime or evenings at 571-228-8059.

Can my friend or relative perform the ceremony and just have you certify it?

You can have anyone you wish perform a non-legal ceremony while I witness it. At the conclusion of your ceremony I will take you aside and ask you to proclaim your intention to take each other in marriage. Even though it may be done in private, this public declaration allows me to make the pronouncement that will now make you legally married. I will then be able to sign and file your license with the proper authority. If this is something you are interested in get in touch with me and we can discuss the particulars further.

Simple courthouse wedding: For ceremonies performed at the courthouse the ceremony fee as defined by Virginia Code Title 20 [ch2: sec. 20-27] of $75 plus the travel rate of $25 for a total of $100 will be charged (excluding any gratuity you care to offer). Please call ahead for an appointment. Because of the public venue of the courthouse these ceremonies are limited to the bride and groom and maybe one or two guests. No photography is allowed in the courthouse. Weather permitting an outside wedding on the “OLD COURTHOUSE” steps may be possible in which case photos may be taken and a total of 10 guests may be accommodated. Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday ceremonies at the courthouse are also available for an additional $25 fee for a total of $125. When booking these times only outdoor ceremonies in the courtyard or on the “old courthouse steps” can be performed.

Travel Rates:

At the Courthouse – $25     At your location 10 miles or less then from Leesburg – $50

At your location more then 10 miles – $75

Basic Package – This package is for those couples that do not require a face to face meeting. These events take place at the location of your choice (your home, backyard, a park, or a vineyard perhaps) rather then the courthouse. They are usually just small simple affairs where the bride and groom and maybe a few guests would gather to commemorate the occasion. The fee is $75 plus the travel rate (excluding any gratuity you care to offer).

Semi-Formal Package – For a larger informal event where you would desire a higher level of service: These ceremonies may be scheduled for evenings, weekends, or holidays. The fee is $100 plus the travel rate (excluding any gratuity you care to offer) and includes but is not limited to the following services:

– Ceremony design and planning session: The semi-formal package does include a one hour in person planning session where we may get acquainted and discuss the details of your ceremony. This meeting is not mandatory and is entirely your choice. If after the meeting you decide not to schedule with us you will not be charged. If you feel that a meeting is not necessary all of the required information will most likely be able to be discussed and gathered either by email or over the phone.

– Administrative duties: This includes the arranging and crafting of your ceremony. It also includes completion and filing of your license and any required followup.

– Pre and Post Ceremony availability: I usually block enough time so as to arrive approximately 30 to 45 minutes before your ceremony so that I can run through highlights of the ceremony with your readers, photographer, musicians, and any others who may need last minute reminders of their cues. I can usually stay afterwards for up to one hour if you wish. By blocking this much time afterward my goal is to ensure that even if your ceremony is late to start there will still be enough time without anyone being rushed.

– Abbreviated ceremony run through: For those ceremonies that have not had a rehearsal I would provide an abbreviated run through right before your ceremony where I will brief your participants on their parts as well as lineup your wedding party for their entrance.

– Keepsake Certificate: I will issue you an “unofficial” keepsake marriage certificate with my gold seal embossed upon it suitable for framing or for inclusion into your wedding album.

– Records retention: I will maintain a copy of your account information for a minimum of one year after your event. In most cases I will retain an electronic version of your information in my computer files for an even longer period that will sometimes also include a scanned copy of your license.

Formal Package – For a formal event where the wedding party participants would number 4 or more people other then the bride and groom: This package includes everything listed above under the semi-formal package plus a rehearsal session where you will receive detailed ceremony direction and supervision for you and your wedding party. The fee is $150 plus the travel rate (excluding any gratuity you care to offer).

Deposit and Cancellation Policy – A deposit may be required to hold the requested date. You may cancel at anytime however the deposit is non-refundable. All remaining funds will be due at the time of the rehearsal or absent a rehearsal they will be due on the day of your ceremony.


Gratuities graciously accepted