About My Services

Can my friend or relative perform the ceremony and just have you certify it?

You can have anyone you wish perform a non-legal ceremony while I witness it. At the conclusion of your ceremony I will take you aside and ask you to proclaim your intention to take each other in marriage. Even though it may be done in private, this public declaration allows me to make the pronouncement that will now make you legally married. I will then be able to sign and file your license with the proper authority. If this is something you are interested in get in touch with me and we can discuss the particulars further.

Before The Wedding

Schedule your planning session no later then about a month before your wedding. Email any selections for the wedding ceremony back to us as soon as possible so that we can put them on the computer and begin crafting your ceremony.

Not later then one week before the wedding you may contact us to make any last minute adjustments. If you wish our help in ceremony “logistics” you may contact us at anytime via email or telephone to review or get ideas.

Planning Session

The interview and wedding planning meeting gives the couple an opportunity to get acquainted with me and to learn about the many options I can bring to your wedding ceremony. During this time you will share with me how you envision the look of your ceremony.

We will discuss your ceremony plans as you confidently choose the options that suit you best. This interview will take place at the wedding site, or at a mutually agreeable location.


Typically the rehearsal will take place on the day or evening before the ceremony so that it will still be fresh in everyone's mind the next day. For a small or medium informal event at your location we will have a brief run through right before the ceremony where I will brief your participants on their parts and line everyone up. For larger formal events the rehearsal does not have to take place at the wedding site. A large area where your party can gather and practice the order to walk in and where to stand is all that is necessary. Someone's family room, living room, or backyard will suffice, although practice at the site would be preferable but we understand not always possible. At the rehearsal, we will determine who the participants are and develop the choreography of the processional. We will also determine who will seat honored guests, and instruct groomsmen and ushers as to the proper etiquette for their duties. Try to have everyone who will be part of the wedding in attendance. If someone can not make it we will arrange for those standing on either side to bring him or her up to speed on the day of the wedding. Bring the fee and the license to the rehearsal. I will fill out the license just after the ceremony. I am responsible for delivering the signed version back to the court for recordation. You will receive the keepsake certificate at the rehearsal.

Day Of The Wedding

I will usually arrive at the wedding site approximately 30 to 45 minutes before the ceremony so that I can run through highlights of the ceremony with your readers, father of the bride, best man, photographer, musicians, and any others who need last minute reminders of the cues they each will have.

After the ceremony I can usually stay for a few minutes if you wish for me to be in any photographs. Please advise the photographer to include me in any shots early, in case I have to leave for my next appointment. I usually try to greet the parents and grandparents and other close family before I leave.