My Philosophy


It is my philosophy that the couple are marrying each other and that my role is to facilitate the process. My personal religious beliefs allow the widest possible openness to all belief systems, both theistic and non-theistic. This is your ceremony. You may incorporate into it whatever is meaningful to you. No two weddings are exactly alike because no two couples have precisely the same beliefs and aspirations. Each wedding is a unique occasion. If the ceremony is really to mean something, then it is essential that it reflects what the couple really feels. In preparing for the ceremony, the couple is encouraged to talk and think very seriously about what they want for the ceremony. Rather than impose a standard form on a wedding, I believe in helping couples to plan their own individual ceremonies. Choosing or writing your vows is of great importance. I believe that for a couple, planning their own service is the best preparation for it. The Celebrant is there for guidance and advice, and to become your spokesperson.